Human Computer Interaction

I believe that the human body is the fastest interface we know and therefore I research, how we can use it with digital interaction at its full potential. Breaking down the idea of a computer into all its pieces is essential. What dose it mean to interact with such a machine? It is information encoded in time that communicates with the human in a specific speed of motion through the use of interfaces that can trigger actions within the machine. Such systems can be used for sharing information between each other. The ability to use such time-encoded information is significant largely dependent on the interfaces. To enable better interfaces my work makes it possible to use everyday objects as a computational interface.

  • HRQR

    HRQR is a visual Human and Machine Readable Quick Response Code.

  • Open Hybrid

    Open Source Augmented Reality Platform for Physical Computing and Internet of Things

  • Smarter Objects

    Using AR Technology to Program physical Objects and their interactions.

  • exTouch

    Interface system to manipulate actuated objects mediated by augmented reality.

  • Second Surface

    Collaborative Virtual Overlay on to the Real World.

  • Perifoveal Display

    Extending the GUI to support the full field of view.

  • 6D (axsotic)

    3D-Mouse interface for CAD, Gaming and Industry Control

  • Dada Technology

    Physical Interaction with data using gestures deployed through objects.