6D (axsotic)

One flow of control
In a normal 3D-Workflow or 6 DoF Control, you need to serialize navigation steps to move, zoom and rotate, and then finally you can work.

With the 6D you can do all of the steps at the same time. This is possible because unlike any other 3D-Controller, the 3D-Spheric-Mouse gives direct control of your 3D-Navigation without any failure input.

Working with the 6D feels as natural as drawing with a pen tablet.

Perfect handling
The 6D’s suspension gives you maximum freedom to rotate and move your virtual objects in 6 axes with only one hand!

Because the mouse lets you use your fingers to rotate and your hand to move, there are no interferences or errors while navigating.

The 3D-Spheric-Mouse has no mechanical sensors that can generate unwanted behaviors. The specially developed polymer springbodies create a smoothly consistent workflow.

No Driver needed
The 6D is instantly compatible with most Windows and Macintosh computers using HID-Standards. It has an automated calibration routine that recognizes the moment it is idle.

Because of this, no driver needs to be installed and the 3D-Application of your choice requires only a plugin that can be easily built upon standards.

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